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Thanks for 35 years of support...

We are sad to share that after 35 years, the Church Council has decided to close the doors of Cape Kids' Corner at the end of this school year; June 16, 2017. Our Summer and Fall enrollments were not sufficient to sustain the quality program for which we have strived.


The Cape St. Claire United Methodist Church Council and Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) struggled with this decision and it was not an easy one to make. Cape Kids' Corner has been a part of our Church and the Cape St. Claire community for 35 years and we are all very sad to have to close it.

Two former Directors of Cape Kids' Corner share the history and their thanks:

In September of 1982,  Cape St. Claire United Methodist Church opened Christian Preschool of the Cape with morning preschool classes for three and four-year-olds. In 1984, preschool extended care was added. Then an “After Lunch Bunch” program was added for kindergarten and school-aged children which eventually moved into the church educational wing. The name was then changed to Cape Kids' Corner.

At one time, Cape Kids' Corner had 100 children in the school age program and over 30 in the preschool program. We even had a two-year-old program for a short time. County schools went from ½ day  to full day kindergarten programs and provided  after school programs as well. Other local centers began picking up children from Cape Elementary for after care during the school year and in the summer. These programs, sponsored by the county schools offered parents care at lower cost.  Our school age enrollment decreased and we eventually were forced to close the school age program.

The preschool program for threes and fours continued for many years also providing before and after care for kindergarteners.  In recent years, the numbers of centers on the Broadneck Peninsula has grown. Cape Kids' has struggled to keep up our enrollment while continuing to provide quality instruction and care for our children. 

We are grateful for the community's support over the years and we look forward to finding new ways to be in ministry with children and families in our neighborhood.

-Dottie Byerly and Anna Vernon

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