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Easter Sunrise

Join us for worship on the Cape St. Claire Beach at sunrise on Sunday, April 12 (6:15 am). Bring a jacket and a lawn chair as Broadneck churches lead us in worship. Stay for a little afterward as breakfast is provided by our Men's group.

Easter 9 am, April 12, 2020

At our Sunday services, both at sunrise and 9 am, we celebrate the breaking of darkness and death, the repairing of the way between God and people, the resurrecting of Jesus Christ. We run with the disciples to the tomb and see it empty. We rejoice. We celebrate the life and new hope of Easter.

We hope that you will come and take part in this story. 

Maundy Thursday

Before we get to Easter morning, we'll gather for Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday (April 9, 7 pm) to remember that Jesus commands us to love one another as he loves us. (Maundy is Latin for "commandment"). We'll also strip the altar of the vestments to show the starkness of the next few days, the days when Jesus died and was laid in the tomb.

Prayer Vigil

Following the Maundy Thursday service, our congregation will hold a vigil until the start of the Good Friday service the next day.  During this vigil we remember when Jesus, before his betrayal, asked his disciples to keep watch while he prayed. The disciples, of course, didn't do so well. Jesus reprimanded them, "Could you not stay awake one hour?" You are invited to sign up for a time slot, to enjoy a time of prayer or silence for an hour. 

Good Friday

On Good Friday (April 10, 7 pm), we watch as Jesus goes to trial. He is condemned. He carries the cross to the site of his execution. We stand there with the women and the disciple whom Jesus loved as he suffers and dies. We pray at the foot of the cross, we sit in silence and contemplate the unbounded love that exists within the events of that day.

Palm Sunday

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday (April 5, 9 am) - We lift palms in joyous celebration as Jesus enters Jerusalem humbly on the back of a donkey. We cry out, “Hosanna in the highest heaven.” We are part of the crowd that witnesses the spectacle. We lift our voices in praise. But then we read about Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, and as the crowd, we condemn him. This reading prepares us to hear the good news of the Resurrection on Easter. 


Join us on Palm Sunday, April 5 at 9 am in the Sanctuary.

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